wild red hair


Boone grew up sickly. Passing into adulthood, he soon learned he had a terminal disease. Not willing to accept his inevitable death, Boone began looking for ways to prolong his life.

He met someone claiming to have a cure for Boone’s disease and even death itself. Before curing Boone, the stranger asked for one thing. The stranger asked Boone to bring him someone, anyone; any innocent person. Putting his fear of death before all else, Boone complied with the strangers wish.

When Bone returned with his “innocent person”, the stranger revealed himself as a vampire and devoured the prey Boone had brought him. Now realizing his infernal deal, Boone barely escaped.

In an attempt to appease his conscience over his moral failing, Boone vowed to hunt down and destroy the stranger and any others of his kind. To this end, Boone has taught himself to be a Hunter by observing other Hunters he has encountered. Because Boone is not descended from a Hunter clan nor is he an apprentice of a clan Hunter, Boone is essentially an outcast among the Hunter community.


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