They Walk Among Us

Session 2: Secrets & Lies

They Walk Among Us: Session 2

The hunter Boone, the Springfield Four’s new mentor, reveals his past and the group is betrayed.

While resting at Boone's place, another hunter appeared at his front gate. Boone went down to speak to him and returned later with information on a pack of hunters who would be hitting a nest. The decision was made that Boone and the others would observe the hunters hitting the nest from a safe distance, the idea being they would be able to provide back up if necessary and learn a thing or two.

The nest was located in a farm house and the group of would-be hunters watched as a female left the house just after sunset and made her way to the mailbox. She thumbed through the mail after retrieving it then began making her way back to the house. It was at this time the hunters made their first move. Three truckloads of hunters would enter the fight but only one single hunter would make it out alive as the attack unfolded and everyone realized it was a trap. Forced to run, Boone and the others returned to his home.

The following day brought the arrival of Boone's brother. Arguments and insults flew, discussions about leaving were had. His hand forced by his brother, Boone revealed his reasons for being a hunter. As everyone wrapped their head around Boone's story the sun began to set, bringing the hunter from the previous night to the gate.

Jordan accompanied Boone to the gate where the hunter told them he had been found out in regards to selling Boone information, he had been beaten and told he would be killed if he were to set foot in the bar again. He asked Boone if he could stay with him a few days. Jordan protested but Boone agreed, saying the man had nowhere else to go.

Shortly after they reentered the house there was a loud clanging at the front gate, the security camera showed nothing though the gates were moving as though they were being shaken. A few moments later a small pack of vampires appeared at the door to the balcony; believing that they could not enter the house unless they were invited by Boone, they began arguing with the hunter. The hunter told them they were mistaken, that they could enter the home…and they did, breaking through the glass in the door. Boone's brother appeared at the top of the stairs demanding to know what was going on as Boone shot the hunter.

One vampire made his way directly to the breaker box, putting his fist through it and plunging the house into darkness. (more updates and edits later)



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