They Walk Among Us

Session 1: Beginnings

They Walk Among Us: Session 1

Four young residents of an isolated Wyoming town fight for their lives when the town is attacked by a malevolent supernatural force.

Pizza delivery guy, Ian Fisk, deftly guides his Jeep along the winding road toward the rental cabins on the hillside of the sleepy tourist town of Springfield, Wyoming. The cabins are used almost exclusively by out-of-towners vacationing for the mountain climbing, hiking, or whitewater rafting provided by the town’s isolated and pristine location. The sky begins to darken as evening approaches when Ian knocks on the door of cabin number two.

A large man in a rugged leather jacket answers the door. While the man retrieves money for the pizza, Ian gets a look around the room. Inside are two other people: a thin nerdy man with small circular glasses and a tall, fit woman unconcerned that the bath towel wrapped around her leaves nothing to the imagination.

Leaving the cabin, Ian is stopped on the road by a man inquiring about the individuals in cabin two. Thinking “out-of-townies” are pretty weird, Ian makes a quick twenty bucks telling them what he wants to know before heading back to downtown. The mans seems to disappear from the rear-view mirror as Ian continues on his way.

Meanwhile, at the downtown pawnshop in which she works, Jordan overhears an emergency call on the shops police-ban radio. Springfield is a small town and rarely sees much in the way of a commotion outside of the occasional drunken bar fight, so Jordan is quite surprised when the police identify cabin three as a murder scene.

With a quick cellphone call to her friend Ian (in a small town, everyone knows the pizza guy),

With the bridge destroyed, the only ways out of Springfield are by walking through the forested wilderness or rafting down the river.

Ian, Faye, Alysson, and Jordan hole-up inside the pawn shop and helplessly watch the destruction occurring outside.




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